Monday, May 4, 2009

Soapy Water

It is amazing how easy it is to keep kids entertained. On Saturday I had parenting duties of both kids while Mom was off at a performance. Luke was demanding all of my attention so sadly I couldn't give Alyce very much of it. Alyce didn't seem to mind as she had something really cool to play with; Soapy Water.

Alyce was in the kitchen and she likes to stand on her bench that my dad made for her. She pushed this bench over to the sink and grabbed the scrub brush and pretended to was dishes in the sink. I filled up the sink about half way with some water and soap then dropped 5 or 6 plastic cups in the sink. This was the last interaction Alyce needed with me for a while. She played with the cups in all manner of ways. She would push them around the sink, fill them up, scrub them, and pour them into each other. After a few minutes I would have found it boring but Alyce could have played all day.

As nap time approached I pulled Alyce away with the promise of dry clothes. Through her playing in the sink her entire front half was soaking wet. I brought her upstairs and after a quick clothing change she was ready to get cozy. Funny how you could get any sort of expensive toy designed by experts and it won't provide the 2 solid hours of entertainment that some soapy water could. Not to mention the expensive toy doesn't have 5 clean cups when it's done.

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