Monday, May 18, 2009

Return of an Old Friend

Yesterday Alyce had a return of an old friend. I brought her crib upstairs from the basement. In the past we took down her crib in efforts to push her into a Big Girl Bed. The crib is being brought back for use by Luke.

I had the crib 90% assembled when Alyce woke from her nap. Upon leaving her room she immediately fixated on her old pal and gleefully exclaimed "fixed it the crib!". I never told her that the crib was hers I just acknowledged that is was a crib and was for babies. I went on further to ask who's crib this was? She responded with "baby Luke crib". She moved over to the door of the crib and asked if she could get in. It didn't have mattress or box spring installed yet but I let her go in anyway and she proceeded to run around the crib, banging off the walls, and having a great time. Alyce must have grown quite a bit since we took her out of the crib; without the box spring and mattress Alyce was taller than the top of the crib. If those were installed I figure the crib would meet her at the abdomen.

To test the waters I asked Alyce where her bed was and she pointed to her new room rather than the crib. Based on that I think it is probably safe to move Luke into Alyce's old room as she has broken her ties to babydom. It is the close to another chapter of her life and yes it is kind of sad, but having her in a big bed is so nice it is hard to stay sad for long.

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