Wednesday, May 6, 2009

First Boo Boo

Yesterday Alyce had her first kid boo boo. Before I got home from work Mom was outside with Alyce and Luke. Alyce was having fun running around doing kid stuff. At some point she was running up the driveway, fell, and scraped up her knee. By the time I got home Alyce had gotten over the initial pain and was back to playing.

Later on back inside the house Mom needed to clean Alyce's boo boo and put on a bandaid. Mom did very good with Alyce telling her that what she was going to do (alcohol) was going to hurt. Of course upon application of said alcohol Alyce started wailing again. After the cleanup Alyce got a Strawberry Shortcake bandaid and a kiss on the knee from Mommy. Following the kiss Mommy said "boo boo better" and it was. What was kind of funny was that Alyce didn't know what to think of the bandaid. She started walking around the house with a stiff leg not wanting to bend at the knee. After a while she got over the weirdness of the knee and the pain of the scrape. Alyce was then walking around the house announcing that her boo boo was better and would stop, bend over, and look at her bandaid.

So Alyce's first real kid boo boo ended without too much blood and no broken bones. It was really sweet seeing Mom kiss Alyces knee as it really is true that Mom's kisses make it all better.

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