Friday, April 17, 2009

Family Growning Pains

The addition of Luke to our family is going better than I had expected. Alyce is taking to Luke like you hope a big sister would. She is very interested in and gentle around him. She talks to him and says hi while waving too him. I think until Luke starts moving around and taking her toys there won't be too many major problems between the two.

That being said there have been a few growing pains between Alyce and Mommy and myself. Since Luke came home Alyce has been for lack of a better phrase a pain in the rumpkiss. She isn't listening to instructions and doing things even though we repeatedly ask her not to do something. I would say that I have put her in the naughty corner as many times this week as I have had to do in the past few months. This is all coming from her not wanting to share our attention with Luke, but it doesn't make it any easier. Throw on her having a cold and us keeping her away from her brother and a lot of frustration can erupt. I hope once a new family dynamic is established Alyce will turn back into her old attentive, loving, and affectionate self.

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