Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Alyce's New Tricycle

The final present Luke gave to Alyce was a new tricycle. We used this and other gifts to get Alyce excited about her new brother. We gave Alyce the tricycle when we brought Luke home from the hospital. One problem was that we gave Alyce the tricycle on a rainy day. We couldn't keep her from her new toy so we let her ride it in the house (just this once). I was very impressed with her ability to pedal on both tile and carpet. I am assuming pedaling through carpet can't be easy.

A day later the skies cleared up and I finally got Alyce outside with her new "bike" as she likes to call it. Before we took her outside for her maiden ride she found a pair of sunglasses in the house. Naturally she had to have them on so she could see the road.

Alyce rode her bike down the street and made her first stop at our neighbors Jess and Steve. She got off her tricycle and pushed it up the hill to show it off to them. She even turned it around to show the little compartment on the back where you can store stuff. After a while of playing with their kids Alyce was ready to continue her three wheeled expedition. I would like to say that Alyce is a natural when it comes to pedaling and steering her bike. Not a single time did I have to adjust her path or steer for her. I'm not really sure where she got the coordination.

Going down the street in our neighborhood is the easy part. There is a slight grade down until you hit the cul-de-sac. Once Alyce rounded the corner her speed greatly reduced. Concrete seams and bumps started giving her some trouble. So much that she eventually got off her tricycle and started pushing it back towards the house. She must have been very proud of her new bike because I offered to carry it back for her and she declined with a "Doo Bit" and continued pushing and pulling.

We eventually got back to the house and all was good with the world. Alyce took a break from riding to at look and hold Jeff and Liz's tulips.

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