Thursday, March 12, 2009

Miss Independent. From Alyce's Perspective

I'm getting to be a big girl now. I'm becoming Miss Independent. In the last week or so I have been wanting to do things myself that usually Mommy or Daddy did for me. Mommy and Daddy used to put on my shoes and socks and they also used to put me in my car seat and buckle me in. Those times have changed. I'm Miss Independent now. When I want to do those things now I tell Mommy or Daddy "doo bit" which really means "do it" or short for "I do it". I say "do bit" because Daddy thinks it is the cutest thing. He also likes it when I say "oh nooo" but I begin to digress.

I'm pretty good at putting on my shoes and socks. Socks are really tough but I'm getting better. I like to practice a lot. When at the house with Mommy during the week I take my socks off and put them back on over and over again because I need the practice.

Putting on shoes is pretty easy now that Mommy and Daddy got me some new shoes. These new ones have really easy velcro and I can get my foot in there without stepping on the tongue of the shoe. I'm getting so good I even know which shoe goes on which foot.

The only problem Mommy and Daddy have with me putting on my shoes and socks is that I want to do it when we are getting ready to leave. I guess they have a point, it does take me about five minutes to get my socks and shoes on.

Mommy and Daddy seem sad sometimes when I do something they used to do. They always say stuff like "our little girl is growing up". They will eventually get over it because even though they are sad they want me to be the best Miss Independent I can be.

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