Sunday, March 22, 2009

First Conversation

During this same weekend of room improvements I had my first conversation with Alyce. On Saturday I was painting a section of wall and Alyce came in and joined me. The conversation proceeded like this.

Alyce: "Daddy paint."
Daddy: "Yes I am."
Daddy: "What am I painting?"
Alyce: Something unintelligible.
Daddy: "I'm painting a wall."
Alyce: "Wall."
Daddy: "Who's wall am I painting?"
Alyce: "Mine."
Daddy: "Who's room am I painting?"
Alyce: "Mine."
Daddy: "What color am I painting?"
Alyce: "Purrpin." (Her word for purple)
Daddy: "Do you like this color?"
Alyce: "Uh huh."

After a few minutes of watching.
Alyce: "Bye bye."
Daddy: "Where you going?"
Alyce: "Downstairs."
Daddy: "What are you going to do down there?"
Alyce: "Mommy."
Daddy: "Be careful going down the stairs."
Alyce: "Uh huh."

A little while later Alyce came back upstairs and we had a repeat of the conversation from before. This time when I asked her what I was painting she responded correctly with "wall".

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