Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Big Girl Bed Part 3

All sorts of things have been changing with Alyce and her adventures with the big girl bed. This weekend Alyce used her toddler bed for more than just sleeping. On Saturday Mom and I were downstairs while Alyce was upstairs taking a nap. Well we thought she was taking a nap. We would be wrong. We heard some creaking upstairs which is usually indicative of someone moving around. Upon investigation we found Alyce outside of her crib with door to the crib still closed. Mom and I can only assume that Alyce climbed over the top of her crib and onto the headboard of her toddler bed which was positioned next to her crib. We took this knowledge and came to the conclusion that Alyce's time in her crib is coming to a close. This also led us to make a change in how we do nap times which brings us to another big girl bed story.

Sunday we implemented a change to how we do nap time with Alyce. Rather than locking her in her crib during nap time Mom gave Alyce free reign of her bedroom. Mom closed the blinds in her room and kept the upstairs quiet with the hope Alyce would take a nap on her own. Surprisingly Alyce did just that. Mom went up to check on Alyce after two hours and sure enough Alyce was taking a nap. More importantly she was taking a nap on her big girl bed.

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