Thursday, February 5, 2009

Not Yet Ready For Sledding

Last week Mom and I took Alyce to a local hill for a try at sledding. I'm sad to say that our experience was more failure than success. We went to the hill after I got off work and we arrived with plenty of daylight left. Alyce was bundled for the conditions and looked like a little pink marshmellow.

I took Alyce up the hill for her first ride while Mom was at the bottom taking some video of the event. I setup the sled, put Alyce in my lap, and off we went. We started going down the hill and faster than expected! I guess the snow was already smashed down into an ice like sheath. This would have been ok except for the fact that we were heading right towards Mom! I tried to adjust our path, but holding Alyce with one arm left me only able to adjust a single direction at a time. I decided to bail out so that we wouldn't hit Mom. I skidded on my butt with no damage except for my pride. Alyce took a little topple including a flip. There was no lasting damage, however Alyce lost all interest in sledding.

I took Alyce up the hill for one more try. Hoping that one crash free trip would get her to forget the first. That didn't seem to help. At the bottom of the hill Alyce wanted out of the sled as she was crying off and on. When she calmed down I tried to pull her around the bottom of the hill on a sled, and though she wasn't crying we could tell that she wasn't exactly thrilled.

We ended our little trip at that point. It is too bad that things didn't go better for Alyce. But sometimes things don't go exactly the way you want. Next snow or next year we are going to try again.

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