Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Get the lights on the way out.

This morning Alyce woke up early again. This time however she didn't surprise me. When I got out of the shower and I heard our little girl in her room making the occasional sound and quietly asking for mommy. Looking down the hall I saw something surprising. The lights were on in her room. Alyce has is now tall enough that if she stands on her tip toes she can reach the light switch. I guess this will bring a new round of baby proofing as Alyce can now get to things like the oven burners and other counter top items.

Alyce continued to play in her lit room doing whatever little girls do when playing by themselves until I left to go to work. I enjoy being able to trust her to keep herself entertained for a while. Too bad in a few short weeks we start all over again.

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