Monday, January 5, 2009

Make Believe Hair Salon

Yesterday Mom and I were enjoying a lazy morning. We were sitting in bed watching some morning television while Alyce played with her new baby doll Molly. After a while we noticed just exactly what Alyce was doing with her time.

Alyce was pretending that she was washing Molly's hair. Alyce had taken a bottle of travel shampoo from who knows where, turned it over, and pretended to put some into her hands. She rubbed her hands together and then massaged the imaginary suds into Molly's scalp. Apparently the lather wasn't to her liking as Alyce kept getting more imaginary product from the bottle and repeating the cycle. I figure when she was done Alyce would have put most of the bottle in Molly's hair had she actually been doing it. What drew Alyce away from doing Molly's hair was to do our hair. Alyce stood behind us on the bed, went through the same motions as with Molly, and started running her hands through our hair. She did a great job cleaning our hair of imaginary dirt. If felt good having little hands give us a head massage. It was a very enjoyable and entertaining experience. I'm looking forward to an imaginary foot massage.

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