Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Alyce's vocabulary is taking another step. In the past few weeks all sorts of new words and phrases have crept up. This past weekend I heard a commercial that had a website address with a .com. I asked Alyce if she could say Dot Com. Sure enough she responded with a perfect "Dot Com". Other neat phrases that Alyce has parroted is "Prize Puzzle" from our favorite game show Wheel of Fortune.

On Sunday night the family was sitting down for some pizza. After dinner we gave Jake our dog a piece of pizza. When we put the pizza in Jake's bowl Alyce let loose with the comment "Jakie eat pizza". Alyce is kind of behind when it comes to speech development. At this point 2+ years she should have some limited two word sentences and maybe some three word sentences. Alyce has put two words together but it is usually at our request. She will say things like "love you" but only after we ask her to say it or she will repeat something we said. In this case Alyce had a three word sentence that she put together on her own. Another two word phrase Alyce made on her own is "daddy home" when I came home from work earlier this week.

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