Thursday, December 4, 2008

Extra Good Lately

Alyce has been extra good lately. A few weeks ago I wrote about the onset of the terrible twos. Surprisingly enough the bad behavior has moved on. I'm not saying it is gone for good, but thought it noteworthy to write about how good she has been lately.

Some of the worst problems we had with Alyce in the recent past is getting her ready for bed. It wasn't that she didn't go to sleep or that we had to fight to get her into her crib. We just had a tough time getting her into her pj's. One thing has helped us the most in fixing this situation, Vitamins. Now that Alyce is two we can start giving her kids vitamins. The vitamins we give her are of the gummy variety; Disney Princess ones if you want to know. Alyce gets two of these before bedtime. When it is time for Alyce to go to bed we just tell her it is time for her vitamins and she runs across the room, sits on the couch, and chews away while we change her clothes. No muss no fuss. Mom's happy, Alyce is happy, and I am happy.

Another area that has developed as of late is her vocabulary and willingness to use it. She can now name most of the animals on her puzzles and in books. She sometimes call the animals by their sounds (meow for cat) rather than by their name. But she is also using simple words like up, down, hold it, and see to dictate what she would like. It is nice because it is taking out some of the frustration on her side.

The last thing that is making parenting so much easier is that Alyce is telling us she loves us. Technically she says La You but we know what she is talking about. At night when Mom or I are sitting in the rocking chair with her bedtime water we tell her that Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Grams, and Grandpa love her. After each person's name Alyce stops drinking and says La You. It just melts my heart thinking about it.

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