Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Guess She Is Paying Attention

I have a great story that highlights the need for parents to think about what they are doing in front of their children. Last night Mom and I were watching some TV and Alyce was sitting in my lap doing a puzzle (I love that by the way). I started to lose focus on the TV and Mom wanted the remote control so she could jump through the commercials. Normally I would just toss Mom the remote but instead I asked Alyce to take the remote to Mommy. Alyce takes the remote from me, walks halfway to Mom, and then tosses the remote in her generation direction! Mom and I were too stunned and laughing to hard to reprimand her that we don't throw things in the house. On top of that we couldn't reprimand her without being hypocritical. I guess we need to examine what we ask of Alyce without asking the same of ourselves.

So all the parents out there take note. Your kids are paying attention and will imitate you even if it is hours, days, or weeks later.

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