Friday, November 7, 2008

Alyce Is A Jumper

Mark off another physical milestone for Alyce. She is now a jumper! For the longest time we have been trying to get Alyce to jump. She has seen us do and she has tried to emulate us but with poor results. This week however she must have put all of the pieces together. After dinner with neighbors Jeff and Liz earlier this week Alyce started jumping on the way back to the car. She even said jump when she did it.

Later this week Mom calls me to tell me that Alyce was jumping again but this time instead of saying jump she was saying TADA!

So now that Alyce has mastered jumping I'm not sure what is left. She can crawl, walk, run, climb slide, and now jump. She still needs to learn how to swing and pedal a bike so she hasn't mastered everything.

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