Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dancing With The Stars

Our little girl likes to perform. Not just for Mom and I, but for anyone willing to watch.

One way Alyce likes to perform is to use a microphone from our Rock Band video game and sing with any performer on the t.v. It could be an artist on the Today Show, someone from American Idol, or even Hanna Montana. How does Alyce sing you ask? Well she can't say the words and she can't really carry a tune. What she can do is hold the microphone up to her mouth, say "wooo!" a lot, and shake her cute little behind. We have a video of her doing this somewhere. I just need to go find it.

The second way Alyce likes to perform has just recently appeared. Alyce likes to dance. Surprisingly she is very good at it too. The only show that I know her to dance to is Dancing With The Stars. If Alyce is in the right mood and the music is good she will join the dancers for the entire length of the song. What is most cute about her dancing is how well she can mimic what is on the t.v. Look below for a demonstration of the cuteness that is Alyce dancing with the stars!

Alyce doing a swing dance:

Alyce dancing to Funky Town:

Alyce dancing to Don't Be Cruel:

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