Friday, October 17, 2008

Big Helper

One nice part about Alyce growing up is that she is more able to do things to help out around the house. Note, able to do things is not equal to willing to do things. Last night the family made a run to Target after dinner to pick up a few things. While the trip was not very interesting what happened when we got home was.

Alyce is old enough now that we don't have to carry her into the house anymore. We pull her out of her car seat and she walks into the house provided we hold the door for her. Last night we added to this by asking Alyce to help carry in some groceries. We handed her a shopping bag that had a box of Fruit Loops inside. The bag wasn't very heavy but it was very big. Alyce holding the bag by its handles had to hold it above her head so that the bag / box wouldn't drag. On top of that she had to walk with her legs out to the side so they wouldn't bump into the bag. Alyce did a very good job of bring the bag up the steps and into the house. We gave her lots of praise calling her Mom and Dad's big helper. I think she was very proud of herself as well.

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