Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Round and Round

Why do kids do the things they do? Yesterday Mom sends me a message about Alyce standing in front of the TV spinning in circles going whoa whoa whoa and then practically falling down from dizziness. Only to get back up and do it again a few seconds later. On Monday night the family went down the street and sat with out neighbors for a while. Alyce used their slide about a million times while we sat there and she never tired of it. Sure she was distracted a few times by the multitude of other kids running around, but she always returned to the slide. The funny part is that she has the same slide back at home and she rides constantly there as well.

We all have done those things as kids and I guess at the time we thought it was something pretty awesome. Somewhere along the line spinning circles and going down slides loses its luster. I guess having fun with the simplest of things is a byproduct of having a carefree existence. Maybe we have kids to extract a piece of the joy they experience that we have lost.

Enjoy where you are in life and never be in a big hurry to grow up.

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