Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Parents as Teachers

Last week we had a visit from our Parents as Teachers counselor Ms. Cathy. Parents as Teachers is a nationwide initiative run through school district who's purpose is to provide parents with childhood development knowledge and parenting support.

This is the first time Ms. Cathy has stopped by since we started our blog. Ms. Cathy spent this trip talking to us about the developmental milestones Alyce is progressing towards. One issue we talked about was some issues Alyce is having with a boy at her day care. Alyce is in day care for an hour three times a week while Mommy is at her exercise class. There is a boy at the class roughly her age that is mean to Alyce specifically. By mean he has hit her, scratched her, and pulled her hair. Talking to Ms. Cathy she explained that all kids Alyce included are trying to learn social skills and some get it better than others. Ms. Cathy recommend we talk to the day care professionals and have the separated until the boy can interact correctly. That request has been implemented and it looks like it is working so far.

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