Monday, June 30, 2008

Not Feeling so Well

Before we left to go to Six Flags we noticed that Alyce had a runny nose. Apparently she has picked up a cold from another child from her early childhood development class. This cold is hitting her differently than others. This time around she seems knocked out of it. Sunday afternoon she took a nap for over three hours and was out of it the rest of the evening. Today she took another three hour nap. Her nose hasn't been runny, she hasn't been sneezing, and isn't running a fever. She is being a fit fussy which is driving mom a bit crazy, but throw on a three hour nap and it is a bit easier to get things back under control.

Update: We are thinking we might need to update Alyce's diagnosis. Instead of her having a cold we think she might be teething again. We are changing this because she is starting to stick her fingers back in her mouth. This is her version of a teething ring. We think her unusually long naps might be the result of not sleeping well because of mouth pain. We've started giving her some Children's Tylenol to help with the pain. Luckily she only has 4 teeth left until she has a full set.

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