Friday, June 20, 2008


Alyce has a new favorite word, no. She says it a lot these days. She uses where you are supposed to use it I guess. In situations such as "Alyce can you please eat some sandwich?" the answer might be No. It might also be yes, but she doesn't say yes, she just does whatever it is we are wanting her to do or what she wants to do. What is kind of funny about her saying no is that she has so many ways of saying it. Sometimes it will be short quiet no, other times it will be a long drawn out melodic nooooo. One of my favorites and the most frustrating at the same time is that when we are sitting down for dinner and she doesn't want to eat what we are offering. She says no and proceeds to pull down on her face so that we can see the backs of her lower eye lids. How can you make eat when they are showing you the backs of their eyelids?

I figure this is all part of her developing as an individual. It would be nice to know what she would like rather than us guessing. I think a lot of issues we are having is that she can't vocalize what she wants, she can only vocalize what she doesn't want. I am hoping this will blow over like changing her diapers did. In the past she used to fight and squirm every time we tried to change a diaper. Now we can just ask her to lay down and 90% of the time she does it.

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