Wednesday, June 4, 2008

New Words

Yesterday Alyce had two new words. Bubble and Apple. We aren't really sure where she got apple from. We said apple the day before, but didn't really reinforce the word. Bubble on the other hand we did reinforce by saying bubble and playing with bubbles. Her bubble gun specifically. She is quite the fan of bubble gun. It is now broken as she dropped it and broke the bottle of bubbles.

Also yesterday Alyce was hit by another toddler on purpose. She is in daycare for a little over an hour on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday while mom is in her Jazzercise class. I don't think it bothered her all that much, but she did have a mark on her face. The mother of the toddler apologized, but what are you supposed to say? That's alright? You can't say that, because it isn't alright.

She has also been under the weather lately. Over the weekend she had a fever of 102 degrees. We weren't that worried because her attitude and appetite were still really good. Since then her fever has gone down and she now has a runny nose and occasional cough.

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