Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Roller Hockey

Tonight we all went to our neighbor Jeff's hockey game. As you can tell Alyce is really interested in the game. She did say the word hockey so that's a plus.

Jeff and his wife Liz are our next door neighbors. We hang out with them quite a bit and they are our babysitters of choice when Grams and Grandpa aren't available. Liz is Alyce's favorite adult on the block. Every time Alyce sees Liz outside she walks over and gives Liz a big hug. If they are at our house when Alyce is going to bed she also blesses them with another hug. If they really rate they even get a kiss.

Liz always has to keep her cellphone hidden because Alyce loves to play with it. Alyce will rummage through Liz's purse looking for it unless we stop her.

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