Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Alyce's Words

Daddy and I decided to come up with a list of all the words that Alyce says. The list is as follows:

Clock (comes out as glock or gock), I Love You (comes out as I dub du), cracker, bubble, apple, please, doggie, Jakie, woof-woof (comes out as woo-woo), meow (comes out as eow), baby, me, thank you, Mommy and Daddy. And this morning she said book while picking up Mommy's book.

She even uses some words at the appropriate times like hello, hi, bye-bye, all gone, no, ah oh and weee! For example, yesterday Alyce was playing with her Chatty Telephone (you know the one that everyone had when they were little) and she was saying hello into it and then right before she hung up she said bye-bye. It was super cute!

She has also had a developmental breakthrough. She now knows who me and Alyce are. When we ask her who is me she points to herself. In addition when we ask her who Alyce is she points to herself again.

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